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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Open When Ideas

Yey finally now i can post something related to diys ahahaha! (actually im not that busy studying tho)
Well this isn't my first diy project but one of them that i really love. So, here we go!

Okey, this thing is called "Open When Letters". You can make it as a gift to your friends, bf/gf, or family, and  now i made it for one of my bestfriend for her 18th birthday, and also farewell gift because we're graduated this year. The reason why you have to make this are because you just love her/him so much, i mean you make it by yourself, by your own effort, and the other reason is it's quite cheap i think but for me it's still quite expensive ahahaha. I've spent like Rp.50.000,00 / about $6 to make these. Each envelope contains a letter, a quote, and also you can put everything that you want to put inside. I've made 20 envelopes. So, here's mine:

1. You first receive these letters

    It contains just a letter, and a love printed paper. I wrote there the rules for these envelopes like don't try  to open when it's not the time. I was also congratulate her on her 18th birthday, and btw her birthday is on March 30, so it might be a super late birthday gift hahaha.

2. You're missing me a lot

    This envelope contains a letter, and sooooo many pict. I've made some memes for her too haha. I said that she could contact me if she really miss me.

3. You're bored

    This envelope contains a letter, a coloring paper, and post-it vision board cards. Well, i meant if she feel bored, she could do some colouring or sticking the vision board card so she can do something instead of wasting time because of boredom.

4. You're sick

    This envelope contains a letter, a dua for those who's sick ( i bet she forget it though we've alredy memorize it on practice exam on Feb), and some medicine! Those are like OBH Komix, Bodrex, Promag, and Salonpas ahahaha. Because i don't know tho what kind of shit will hit her wqwq. She must be thank me for that.

5. You're worried about future

    This envelope contains a letter and quotes, mostly from the holy Qur'an. I know there's must be up and down towards someone's life and i want her to remember that everything's already written on Lauh Mahfudz so don't worry everything will be okay.

6. You're crying

    This envelope contains a letter, quotes, and a bar of super cheap chocolate ahahaha. We're just humans and that's super okay to cry because we have a feeling. I put some chocolate because everyone will be feeling even better if they eat chocolates. Well, though that chocolate just costs Rp500 but i'm sure the taste is really good and i really like it too.

7. You're feeling sad

    This envelope contains a letter, a quote, and a bar of chocolate (again). I said Laa Tahzan, Innallaha Ma'ana, means don't be sad, Allah with you. And for that chocolate, it's the same reason like above hahah i told you i like it.

8. You're stressed out

    This envelope contains a letter, a quote, and some tips not to be stress. Stress is such a dangerous disease, the root of mostly all diseases. So, i hope she will avoid stress.

9. You feel like giving up

    This envelope contains a letter and a quote. Giving up is a bad way to end something. As Allah mentioned on Al Baqarah: 285, He doesn't burden you with things that you can't bear. So, exactly, we can do it.

10. You feel lonely

    This envelope contains a letter, candies, and a heart printed paper. Well but i think she wouldn't open this envelope because fyi she's mostly on Tinder so yeah she exactly never ever feel lonely ahahaha.

11. You have an important test

    This envelope contains a letter and a quote. And i love that quote! Hahahaha.

12. You can't sleep

    This envelope contains a letter, a lullaby, a sachet of milk, and 2 sachet of baby's porridge ahahaha. She couldn't sleep because she's just hungry who knows right? Wqwq.

13. We haven't talked in a while

    This envelope contains a letter, just it. As i ever stated that we're graduated this year so it will be so rare for us to meet. But she still can contact me and meet up maybe?

14. It's your 19th birthday

    This envelope contains a letter, 2 birthday cards, and some baloons. Hahaha i've prepared for her 19th birthday too. Well, because i think i wouldn't be there on that day, and also maybe she's already find other besties hahahah people will change but not for the memories. :)

15. It's a rainy day

    This envelope contains a letter, a quote about rain, and 2 sachet of sweet ginger qwqwqw. Why i choose ginger instead of chocolate or coffee because it's too mainstream, ginger is also even more traditional and we have to love our culture hahaha. I put 2 sachet because somehow when she opened that envelope she's already has a bf hahahaha.

16. It's the time of the month

    This envelope contains a letter, candies, and tampons HAHAHAHA. When it comes in the middle of the night and she run out of tampon then it will be very very very useful HAHAHAHAHA.

17. You miss him

    This envelope contains a letter, a quote, and a scrapbook cards. Welll welll welll i've made that card with her and her bae's photo wqwqwq. Hahahah actually he's not even her bae but yeah we always tease her with that boy and i got his pic thieve it from the counseling room ahahahaha.

18. You don't want to study

    This envelope contains a letter and a quote. Actually i want to put her parent's photo too but i'm already pissed of something when i was making this project. The quote is from the most famous Imam Syafi'i.

19. You need $$$

   This envelope contains a letter, and sure, money, it's Rp3.500, one in Rp1.000, Rp2.000, and Rp500 ahahahaha. I found the Rp1.000 was like dyed with something until it has like a green colour when i was buying something over market. And for Rp2.500, i told her to use that money to buy some instant noodles when she had no money to buy some foods hahahahaha.

20. Your first semester of college has over

    This envelope contains a letter, a class's team pict, and cards. I put that pict in case she's missing her classmates in senior high school hahaha. It's a fact right when senior high school life is even happier than college life? Wqwqwqw.

Well that's mineeee. You have to make yours! There's still a lot of inspirations you can find in Pinterest or another diy's blog.
Thank you for reading, eh? :D

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